Below you will find a list of Artists that have shown their work here. Due to variety of methods used by these Artists they are not always available.  For up to date information goto Gallery News and see our Blog, or contact us at

Sharon Ellis (SARWON)                             Original Paintings

Kaye Devlin                                                     Original Paintings

Howard William Steer                                OriginalPaintings 
                                                                              (and Prints)

Michelle Pike                                                  LE Prints

Shane Gehlert                                                  LE Prints

Jeremy Holton                                                Original Paintings

Brian Aylward                                                Original Paintings

Bevan Griggs                                                   Original Paintings

Jane Gates                                                         Original Paintings

Kevn Griffiths                                                 Original Paintings

Gwen Langsford                                             Original Paintings

Allan Darby                                                     Original Paintings

Tina Hinchliffe                                              Original Paintings

Beryl Dick                                                        Original Paintings

Graeme Pages-Oliver                         Silkscreen Watercolour
                                                                               LE Prints

Mychelle Edwards                                         Original Paintings

Pat Lane                                                             Original Paintings

Pam Lockwood                                               Original Paintings

Mary White                                                     Original Paintings


Caroline Hadwin                                                   Jewellery Artist

Julie Frahm                                                            Jewellery Artist

Ivana DiStasio                                                        Jewellery Artist

Irene Perry                                                             Jewellery Artist

Greg Crowe                                                            Ceramist/Potter

Anne Airey                                                             Ceramist/Potter

Ken Pratley                                                            Ceramist/Potter

Pam Pratley                                                           Ceramist/Potter

Chris Airey                                                            Glass Artist

Setsuko Ogishi                                                     Glass Artist

Des McKenna                                                        Sculptor

Jan Rye                                                                     Textile Artist

Alice Leda Pettirosso                                           Textile Artist

David Innocente                                                    Artist