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Sharon Ellis (SARWON)



The opposing forces of our externalism

contradict the undertow of who we are

some flotsam bobs to the surface

of the canvas



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Sharon lives and works her art in the Balladong region of York.  She is interested in the simple truths of nature, the juxtaposition of differing realities and the power of the land.  Sharon prefers to use acrylic paints on canvas, applying extensive translucent layering. For example, often more than 20 layers of paint may be needed to develop a skin or the walls of a building.


Working close to the canvas allows a more intimate relationship to develop with the painting and this also helps to minimize the conscious need to entirely control the outcome of a painting.


Sharon likes to “paint the one that stares back” – the push and pull between painter and painted being a prime motivation for her art.