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posted Apr 3, 2012, 8:01 PM by Mandy Nielsen
Yes, we are continually handcrafting new furniture for Great Southern Gallery.  The cabinet makers design and handcraft the furniture ON-SITE.  All the furniture is made right here in the Avon Valley, WA, at Great Southern Gallery.

So if you want a new piece of furniture, custom made, come and talk direct with the cabinet maker that will help you to design and will handcraft that piece especially for you.  No middle man involved.   During the making of your piece of furniture, we will email you photos of how it is going and keep you informed and you can come and have a look if you want.
And yes, we can do delivery and installation (or arrange delivery for interstate etc).

We can make anything that you want.  From large dining/boardroom tables, wall units, to small coffee tables and everything in between.

Come and talk to the cabinet makers at Great Southern Gallery and we can do a free quote for you.

Great Southern Gallery located at 1727 Great Southern Highway, Woottating (road between Chidlow/Perth and York).